Avoid three-in-one car crashes: wear seat belt

A new campaign has been launched to motivate people to wear their seatbelts and stay away from accidents. Some motorists forget that it is important for them to wear seatbelts and they ignore wearing it. It is thus important to remind them that they should wear the seatbelts as it ensures their safety. One of the safety groups named think, has effectively reminded everyone that one crash means three.

This may sound strange to you if you do not know the fact behind the whole campaign. The safety minister ahs launched this campaign and has explained the fact that when a person is not wearing a seatbelt, he will feel three crashes. The first crash will be felt when the car stops due to the crash, the second will be when the inside portion of the car comes in contact with the body as it hits it and the third jerk will be when there is a risk of the organs moving inside the human body. You should know that there are chances of the organs getting injured.

The campaign thus informs and reminds the drivers that even if their journey is short and they are driving slowly, they should not forget using a seatbelt. This would just put their life at a big risk. If an accident takes place and you do not have a car insurance policy, the case will be even bad for you. This is why it is advisable to visit the car insurance comparison sites and find the best car insurance for you.

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