Avoid being exploited by insurance brokers and accident management companies

Drivers have been dragged to the courts and are left with huge dents on their bank balance after receiving courtesy cars that they believed that they were entitled to. Many drivers hire cars for meeting their commutation needs while their vehicle is being repaired. However, these vehicles are being leased by the third party accident management companies who are charging inflated rates and charging other driver’s insurer.

If car hire company is unsuccessful in recovering all costs and then the driver who has hired the vehicle is charged the amount. Generally, drivers find themselves trapped between the legal fight between two insurance companies over costs. A recent report by the insurance companies stated growing concern on such disputes. An insurer estimated that he made an addition of £80 to typical policy each year.

Yet the problem here remains of that of insurers own makings. Accident management companies are exploiting the loopholes that are present in the insurer’s rules and many of these firms are not providing the courtesy vehicles that they should be. When a person faces some accident, the policy is supposed to set out a courtesy car for specific time. In case accident is caused due to your fault then you will be entitled to the courtesy vehicle for a span of 30 days. This is also not a simple procedure as the insurers usually try to fob the person off with the cars that below your standard.

When a person is not liable for the accidents, two, three insurers will be involved for sorting your needs out. This is where you are trapped as many insurance companies have agreements with accident management companies. They pass on the customer’s details that need courtesy cars. Some Insurance brokers and breakdown companies also take commission from accident management companies for passing on clients details. So if you really want to get away from such traps, check out car insurance comparison sites and get in touch with an efficient and reliable car insurance company.

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