Are You Taking The Car On Holiday To Europe?

A considerable number of people will be taking their families on holiday to other European countries this summer. Some will travel in their own car to those countries either via the ferry or Eurotunnel so they will need to make sure that they have adequate car insurance in place.

If you are going to drive your own car in the European Union then you should nake sure that you have adequate car insurance in place.

Make sure that you have a suitable level of car insurance in place should you be going to drive your own car in Europe on holiday

You really should check your car insurance policy document to find out the level of cover provided as it may vary between insurers. As a minimum, your insurance company will provide third party cover as standard whilst your car is being used in the European Union but usually only for a limited period of time that may vary between insurers. For instance, some may only cover you for say 3 days travel overseas and others up to 180 days.

However, a lot of people wrongly assume that if they have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy here in the UK that they would be automatically provided with the same level of cover if they have an accident in Europe. This may not be the case as you may only be covered for third party cover if you have an accident in Europe. In this respect, you should check your policy. Many companies give you the option to extend your fully comprehensive cover to insure you at that later level overseas by paying an extra premium.

If you are only covered for third party damage whilst driving in the EU and you were involved in an accident your own car would not be covered should it be damaged or stolen.

Whilst on the subject of taking your car with you on a European holiday it is worth mentioning about European Breakdown cover. At the moment, is quite likely that your car is only covered if you were to break down in the UK so you may wish to check the policy details and, if this is the case, consider adding in cover should you break down in Europe. You will no doubt need to pay an additional premium for this extra cover.