Are You Driving Uninsured Someone Else’s Car?

A recent research by a leading insurance comparison site in the UK has revealed that many young motorists falsely believe that their car insurance policy covers them while driving someone else’s car as well.
About 27 per cent of drivers under the age group of 25 years wrongly conceive that they are insured to drive the cars of their family and friends. This discloses that most of the young drivers are driving others’ cars illegally.

The head of car insurance at the insurance comparison site has said that many young drivers are not aware of the car insurance policies and getting confused messages regarding driving someone else’s vehicle. Often, young drivers pick up these wrong notions from their parents who mistakenly tell them that they are permitted to drive any car if the insurance is old.

Earlier, comprehensive car insurance policies had standards regarding coverage of the risk in driving another person’s vehicle. These standards were only reserved for emergency purposes. This feature of the comprehensive car insurance policy is now being pulled out. The coverage catering to driving someone else’s car is taken out of not only comprehensive car insurance but many other insurance policies as well. In the few policies where it still features, there has been a drastic change in the standards and rules. Generally, it will not provide any coverage to an under 25 year old driving another owner’s vehicle.

If you are driving another person’s car, in case of any accident, the extension of driving other cars only covers the third party damages. The damage to the car you are driving is entirely your liability. Driving uninsured whether aware or unaware is an offence. You could be charged up a penalty of 8 points and a fine up to £5,000. The original owner of the car is also liable for penalties as well.

Check out few car insurance comparison sites to know about the policy coverage for sitting behind the wheels of someone else’s car. Choose your car insurance policy ideally and ask your insurer when in doubt.

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