Are Women Drivers Treated Unfairly?

As you may well be aware the European Union Gender Directive came into force in December 2012 as a result of which insurance companies were not able to charge a woman driver less for their car insurance than a man with the identical personal details, driving experience and criminal convictions. This resulted in many women drivers seeing their car insurance premiums increasing at a time, no doubt, when many could ill afford an increase.

car insurance premiums went up for many lady drivers following the EU Gender Directive

Is it right that women motorists should pay more for their car insurance than a male with the same profile?

Apparently, although insurance companies receive more claims from women motorists the amount that they pay out is, on average, less than for men. Surely, this begs the question as to why should lady drivers, on average, pay more for their car insurance than men as, in effect, they are subsidising male drivers.

Of course, the reason why larger claims are paid out for men drivers is due to the fact that they are believed to drive more aggressively. Therefore, when they do have an accident, it is likely to be of a more serious nature causing more damage to the vehicle(s) or even resulting in more cars being written off as they are beyond repair.

Why should women pay more in car insurance premiums when it would appear to be men that are responsible for a large number of higher value claims? Of course, this is no different to the life insurance marketplace where women, on average, live longer than men yet men and ladies of the same age, same occupation and same medical history etc pay the same premium.

Is there not something wrong with this system?

We would very much welcome your thoughts as to whether you think that a number of female motorists are being treated unfairly as a result of the ruling referred to above. It has to be said that, even if you do, what, if anything could be done?