Are On-board CCTV Cameras The Way Forward?

Many of you will have heard of ‘crash-for-cash” motor insurance fraud scams that are believed to cost innocent drivers significant sums of money every year including higher premiums.

Millions of pounds are believed to be paid out each year by insurance companies due to "crash for cash" scams

CCTV cameras in cars may help reduce fraudulent insurance claims

A typical example of this type of fraud is where you approach a T-junction and gradually come to a halt only to have another car hit you from behind and a dishonest witness side with the driver of the other car claiming that you were at fault in some way. The fraudster could then make fraudulent claims for things like personal injury or damage to the vehicle.

Well, according to a survey carried out by Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) that is a specialist in telematics and CCTV equipment, 71% of motorists are of the opinion that to have a CCTV camera fitted to their cars could reduce the number of people making false motor insurance claims.

The company has installed many thousands of CCTV cameras to fleet vehicles and the results have shown that there has been a drop in the number of fraudulent insurance claims. The company also claims that as many as 40% of motorists are considering having CCTV cameras installed.

These cameras, when installed to cover both the front and rear of a car, provide comprehensive coverage of these areas. Such film footage can be used in court by the innocent motorist and his or her insurer to help disprove the fraudulent claim being made by the dishonest driver thus saving the innocent parties significant sums of money.

The long term effect is that, potentially, it could save all innocent motorists money by reducing or containing car insurance premiums which is something we are all no doubt in support of.

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