Are Men Paying More For Car Insurance?

Back in December 2012, the European Directive decreed that insurance companies were no longer able to differentiate between men and women when it came to quoting for various types of insurance including car insurance.

However that has not been the case as in January 2013 men paid an average of £592 per annum for their car insurance whereas a woman paid an average of £494 per annum. That is a difference of 19.83% – a significant percentage difference as we are sure you will agree.

According to research carried out by the price comparison website Comparethemarket in the three months to the end of August 2017 car insurance averaged £821 per annum for male drivers but only £649 per annum for female motorists. That is a difference of 26,5%. As you can see the difference between what a man and a woman driver pays is significantly more for the former.

Of course, there are a number of factors why a man may be charged more on average for their car insurance than a woman. For instance, things like mileage driven, make and model of car and driving history may all impact on price as men may drive a car in a higher insurance group, travel more miles than a woman in a car and may have more penalty points on their license and have claimed on their motor insurance more times than a female.

It is important that both men and women when looking for a good deal on their car insurance whether he or she is seeking motor insurance for the first time or is looking for a quote to compare with their existing motor insurance that is shortly coming up for renewal that they obtain a number of quotes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the likes of a price comparison website that has a large panel of motor insurance providers.

You can usually access a price comparison website 24/7 meaning that you can do your research into car insurance premiums in your own time in the comfort of your home. It is often possible to pay for the cover and set up the policy online meaning that your vehicle is covered when required.