Are Cyclists Better Car Drivers?

Apparently, a car insurance firm is of the opinion that those motorists that ride bicycles and are members of cycling clubs are, on average, better drivers. Presumably this means that they are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident whilst driving their cars than other motorists.

It may be possible for some cyclists that happen to be members of cycling clubs to obtain cheaper car insurance.

Some cyclists that are members of cycling clubs may be able to get more competitively priced car insurance from some insurers.

The firm believes that such cyclists are more spatially aware of what is going on around them due to riding a bicycle. Such cyclists are also felt to be more aware of hazards that they come across whilst out on the road network. Such cyclists are also felt to be more mentally agile because they are physically fit and therefore more responsive whilst at the wheel of a car.

As a result, they have a panel of insurers that take these factors into account when providing quotes for motorists looking for car insurance. You may wish to obtain some quotes through them and you could then compare them with those provided by other companies.

This is an interesting situation and a potentially positive one. If cyclists that are members of cycling clubs who drive cars are able to benefit from more competitively priced car insurance premiums for the cover that they require from this firm then will other insurers follow suit in what is a highly competitive insurance industry?

With average car insurance premiums increasing in recent months, anything that can be done to help motorists save money by getting cheaper cover has got to be a positive move. Unfortunately, not enough motorists shop around for their car insurance and with so many providers it could pay you to do this. After all, it doesn’t take long to go on the Internet and key in the required information in order to get a quote that you can then peruse at your leisure along with reading the product particulars.