Are Car Insurance Premiums Likely To Continue To Increase?

None of us like to have to pay more for our regular household bills and that includes our car insurance policy. Most years, when we receive our renewal notice, we tend to find that the premium is going up yet again. Even if it is only by a couple of pounds a month that adds up over a 12 month period.

Do you think that car insurance premiums will continue to go up for the rest of 2015?

Are car insurance premiums going to continue to rise in 2015?

According to CompareTheMarket the average annual cost of car insurance as at February 2015 had increased by £21.90 from £539.20 per annum to £561.10 per annum. If you are a young motorist who is less than 21 years of age you may be interested to read that the average premium is now £1,422.66 per annum.

Of course, nobody knows with any certainty what is going to happen to premiums going forward throughout the rest of 2015 but an opinion has been expressed by some that premiums may well continue to rise.

So, what can you do to try to avoid having to pay more for this type of insurance as it is not something that you can do without if you are a car owner? After all, it is a legal requirement that you have car insurance with the minimum level of cover being third party cover.

In order to try to get cheaper car insurance or at least to maintain your present premium levels you should seriously consider shopping around for your cover. It is a quick and simple process with one of the best ways of doing so being to use a price comparison website. Such sites provide access to numerous providers of car insurance providing you with the potential opportunity to obtain a competitively priced premium.

You may also wish to see if there are any other ways of lowering your premium by doing certain things. For instance, you could consider installing an alarm or engine immobilizer to the vehicle as this may lower the premium. Obviously, you may wish to take into account the cost of such an installation to assess the potential saving. Could you park your car overnight in a garage rather than leave it outside on the road as this may reduce your premium? Could you increase the amount of excess you would pay in the event of a claim as this could lower the cost of your car insurance?

Why not take the opportunity to obtain a quote through our website and see if you can get cheaper car insurance.