Any Driver Car Insurance

When arranging car insurance, the majority of people either take out a policy with just themselves as being on the policy or they arrange for their spouse to be a named driver. When adding someone else to the policy it can have the effect of increasing the premium but, in certain circumstances, it can lower the premium.

any driver car insurance policies can be taken out by family members

Some family members may find an any driver car insurance policy beneficial

There may be instances when someone wants to allow a number of people to drive their vehicle. This can be arranged either by listing the drivers as additional drivers or it may be possible with some insurance companies to allow any driver to drive the car but within certain limitations.

For instance, the insurer may say that the other unnamed drivers must have full UK driving licenses, be over the age of 25 or, in some cases, over 21 and have a clean driving license and no criminal convictions. Do bear in mind that to arrange such a policy will mean that the premium will increase as the risk to the insurance company is obviously considerably greater.

So, when are you likely to want to arrange an any driver car insurance policy? Well, if you run your own business and have a number of employees you may wish them to be able to use the vehicle on occasions when you are too busy in the office to be able to get out, perhaps to visit clients on your behalf.

You may have a disability that, whilst still able to drive, you prefer to have the support of carers, family and friends to ferry you about to do the shopping or attend functions. Any driver car insurance will allow you to do this.

When looking into taking out this sort of cover it is worth shopping around to try to find the best deal. This can be done in a variety of ways but one of the most popular is to use a price comparison website. This should provide you with access to a number of insurance companies.