Almost £20,000 Per Annum For Car Insurance!

Most of you will be well aware that when it comes to arranging car insurance for the younger driver, especially someone that has just passed their driving test, you can expect that the car insurance premium is going to be high. However, would you expect to see a premium made up of five figures?

Well, apparently, that is exactly what has happened to Kaljeet Bansal who lives in Harehills, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Only a few days ago she passed her driving test at the age of 18 at the first time of trying.

However, when she went to get some car insurance quotes using some price comparison websites only two car insurance companies were prepared to consider providing her with car insurance. The problem was that the premiums were rather more than she had been expecting with one company quoting over £33,000 and the other just below £20,000.

So, you may well ask what make and model of car was she looking to insure? Was it a brand new high performance sports car costing £250,000 or a Rolls Royce costing £200,000?

No – it was a Daewoo Matiz with an 800cc engine costing £400 – yes, four hundred pounds! Needless to say, the young lady who has left school and is looking for a job, will not be taking up the quotes.

She checked the details on a number of occasions just in case she had keyed some of the information in wrongly and her older brother even spoke to a number of car insurance companies on her behalf but to no avail.

Flux Direct had quoted £33,845.22 and had quoted £19,996.91.

A spokesperson for Adrian Flux has apparently intimated that although a quote may be provided online, if a potential customer were to contact them on the phone, their underwriters may be able to provide a lower quote once they have been able to better assess the risk.

Would a more thorough review of young drivers car insurance premiums not be a sensible idea?