Add Multiple Drivers On Insurance Policy To Be Safer

If your friends or relatives are driving your car, add them on your policy and make your vehicle safe. Sometimes your friend is interested in driving your new car or when you feel lazy, you ask your friend to drive it, in both cases if any accident happens, your friend insurance policy will not cover the damage.

The comprehensive car insurance policy covers the car damages completely irrespective of the driver. Your friend’s car insurance coverage does not cover your car until he lists that in his policy. So, if your friend is using your car more often, either you or he can add it in the respective insurance policy. In case you do not do this, you will have to pay for the damages by your pocket and thousands of pounds will go for repair in spite of having an insurance policy.

In case of accidents, many car insurance companies offer unnamed driver excess to the nominated drivers driving your car. The amount charged by the insurance company depends on the type and age of your car and driver respectively. In case the driver not listed on your policy is also under 25, you will have to pay an additional excess long with other charges. This way you will remove the excess that might be applicable otherwise on your policy in any other emergency.

The car insurance companies only offer commercial servicing, valet parking and repairing of your vehicle irrespective of the driver but do not cover any loss or damage happen during any accident. Check car insurance comparison site to get a good car insurance policy that cover your friends and relatives also as additional driver. If you already have a policy, you can amend it anytime by just contacting your insurance provider. Multiple drivers drive your car so; this way you can save yourself from unpredicted damage loss that might happen anytime.

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