A Simple Student’s Guide for Car Insurance

For a student, any form of insurance would be a difficult issue. Given that they form the high-risk group for the car insurance, young drivers below the age groups of 25 often land with a heavy premium policy. Although, parents of these young drivers have been trying to reduce the insurance costs with practices such as including the child as the second driver for the car, there are hardly any better results for the same. 60% of the young drivers run short for petrol while driving, activities that hint at the vulnerability of the younger driving population.
Although, this seems as the easier thing to do for lowering the insurance premium, car insurance comparison sites, believe that fronting will develop into a problem when there are claims on the car. It should be understood that simple events such as using a credit car for paying petrol as well as car documents easily reveal the true owner of the vehicle. In cases like these, which may eventually turn into a legal problem, it is of best interest for the young driver to choose better insurance policies as well as measures that would help them gain a better trust of the insurers.

For instance, some of the car insurance comparison sites and companies offer reward points for a good driving record or caring for your car with telematics devices. This device is known to show the driving mileage as well as the driving performance of the car driver. In cases where you fall under the risk category, there are fewer means to alter the situation, which is why you should make sure that you are maintaining a good driving record. A typical policy for an 18-year-old driver would vary between £3000, a value that is high for the age. If you are using your parent’s old car for driving, you may use it for covering the breakdown cover costs.

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