A majority of drivers don’t know the benefits of winter tyres

According to research done by a popular website, a vast majority of car insurance policy holders in the UK do know have any knowledge of the advantage of having winter tyres.

It was revealed that only six per cent of the drivers who were interviewed said that they would think about buying winter tyres, despite the fact that the last two winters had been very bad. The survey also showed that nearly two fifths of motorists did not have any awareness about this tyre and almost a third said that they were oblivious to the fact that these could be bought in the UK.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) informed car insurance holders that using winter tyres can drastically improve a cars handling and performance during the icy and snowy conditions prevalent during the winter months.

The chief executive of SMMT, Paul Everitt said, “With temperatures starting to drop and the wetter seasons approaching, motorists should make sure they have the best tyres for the road and climate conditions.”

Winter tyres also save you some money in car insurance as well. Many insurance companies and car insurance comparison websites give importance to the safety of the car when giving quotes, and winter tyres are one of the things they take into consideration during winter months. A simple change of tyre could give you a better car insurance premium.

Although winter tyres seem to be a small modification to your car, they make a huge impact of performance and handling of your car during hazardous conditions like ice and snow. The biggest cause of accidents during winter is skidding and the loss of control of the steering. Winter tyres are made of a special rubber compound, which has a high level of grip, even on ice. This high level of grip means that you will have a less chance of having an accident. Also, keep in mind that you may end up paying a higher premium if you have had an accident due to your old tyres more than once.