9 out of 10 for Mini Cooper Convertible 1.6

Mini Cooper Cab

Mini Cooper Cab

The Mini Cooper Convertible 1.6 has been tried and tested and given a score of nine out of ten. Giles Smith gave the car once-over for the Times and highlighted some of the benefits, including the rear visibility compared to its previous incarnations and the option to either pull off the roof back entirely or create a type of sunroof.

Those worried about getting soaked when driving top-down at the start of a rain shower might be reassured because the rook only takes 15 seconds to close and will work at the speed up to 20mph.

In addition, Mini Cooper has a gadget called the Openometer to the dashboard that registers how long the vehicle has been driven with the roof down.

Overall, Mr. Smith said that the car, which starts at £15,995 is “a touching appropriate – not to mention plain fun birthday present to give yourself”.

An engine size of 1.6 might mean the Mini Cooper Convertible is good for those who want cheaper European Car Insurance.

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