Important to Protect Your Cars and Insurance Covers

A recent survey conducted by an independent research suggests the UK motorists to be careful with their cars as well as their insurance policies. The research says that more than half, about 56 per cent of the UK motorists have been a victim in a vehicle crime in the past. Vandalism was the most common among these crimes. The research also says that about 8 per cent motorists have been victims of theft of belongings from their cars.

The research conducted by a leading money expert also reveals that about 60 per cent of the car owners have installed an alarm system in their vehicles for its security. Surprisingly, About 40 per cent of this lot is putting their insurance policies at risk by failing to get maximum benefits out of this security alarm system. Thousands of UK motorists, due to this, are at a risk of getting their insurance policies invalidated.

Most policies have already mentioned in their statements of agreement that if a motorists leaves his vehicle unattended then he must make sure that it is locked, has closed windows and the installed security system is activated.

During the year 2009, the police survey of British car crimes states that car crime rates have fallen by 17 per cent if compared to the figures of 2008. This news is not as good as it sounds. It has failed to consider a different wave of crimes and frauds that many car insurance holders are doing to get their claims or reducing their premiums by giving false information in car insurance comparison sites. The spokesperson at the company said that despite of these figures, every motorist must ensure that their cars are locked when not in use.

He also added that many drivers fail to ensure the safety of their vehicles during the summer days by leaving the roofs and windows open. This is taken as a serious issue by the insurers that can lead to invalidation of their policy.

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