6% of Insurance Policies Exclude Road Rage Cover in UK

According to a recent research by a leading financing company, there are only six percent of the car insurance comparison sites in UK offering insurance cover for the accidents because of road rage. In the annual reports pertaining to car insurance, the company stated that close to 94% of the insurance policies in UK do not offer respite from road rage. Although, this data is better than what it was in the year 2005, where it was 99%, the decrease still does not stand in favour of the UK citizens.
Given the current scenario on the UK roads, where road rage has come out as a facet of UK drivers, the data released from the company highlights the poor condition of the insurance sector. The elderly drivers have shown a great interest in cover for the road rage, as they are most likely the victims. Furthermore, the senior drivers have been giving considerable importance for such a cover when it comes to choosing their insurance policies.

The accident claims due to road rage bring forth benefits ranging from £500-£5000 as per the records of the company. However, the issues that come under this claim such as exclusions deter an easy insurance claim. The exclusions that come under the road rage insurance includes incidents caused by a person in acquaintance with the policyholder or the events where the insurance holder starts the altercation. It happens so that under certain untimely situations it is difficult to validate that the insurance holder had no part in the altercations.

The experts in the insurance sector believe that when people go for car insurance comparison sites, it would be better if they check whether a particular policy covers road rage or not. There is a general misconception circulating among drivers that they can claim from their insurance, every time they have had a road rage incident. However, that is not the case. This is why understanding the insurance policy of a particular company is crucial. Make sure that you go through the entire policy before deciding upon it.

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