14 % rise in Car insurance premiums

According to a recent survey, car insurance costs have witnessed fastest increase in premiums in last fifteen years. The drivers who are not shopping for car insurance policies are facing typical premium of around £821 for comprehensive covers and the drivers using car insurance comparison sites are paying £552 on an average.

Young drivers have to bear the brunt of increased rates. Premiums for the third party, theft and fire policies which are generally bought by youngsters, because they are cheaper in comparison to the comprehensive covers, have increased by 9.3% over a quarter and around 17.6% over year to quoted premium £1,059. The research revealed that car insurance companies are facing acceleration in costs, depletion of reserves for claims and fall in investment income due to the financial crisis. An increase in the personal injury claims and fake cases have also led to increase of premiums.

Finding the best possible deals of car insurance has become need of the hour. It is better to look in the car insurance comparison sites before you buy insurance for your vehicle. These sites let you have deals with the levels of covers and prices of your choice. Today when the economy is facing a tough time, it is wise to look for ways to cut down the cost of car insurance policies and there is no better way than looking in car insurance comparison sites.

Even though car insurance premiums are increasing due to various reasons, you should keep an eye on comparison sites. These sites are an excellent way to save money, time and efforts. Make sure that surf car insurance comparison sites before you buy insurance for your vehicle. By doing so, you can get in touch with the finest car insurance dealers of the town. Get your car insured without any hassles now.

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