How to get cheap car insurance

If you want to know how to get cheap car insurance, reviewing your circumstances and thinking about the motoring decisions you make can be a good place to start. Sure, there will be some factors for determining quotes that remain out of your hands, but where you live, the vehicle you purchase, your driving habits and the security you invest in for your motor are all areas where you can make a positive difference to the price you pay for your premiums.

The first area you need to focus on if you want to know how to get cheap car insurance is the payment method you opt for. Of course, it’s always convenient for your premiums to be deducted on a monthly basis by Direct Debit, but there will usually be an added charge or expense for this convenience. If you can, paying for the next year upfront will save you a nice bit of coin, and after that, you won’t need to worry about paying for your cover until it’s time for renewal.

Savings can be pivotal when exploring how to get cheap car insurance. Another reason relates to the excess that you are willing to accept on your policy. The concept of excess relates to the contribution that you will make towards a claim, a set minimum you have to pay before the insurance company will pay the rest. If the agreed excess on your policy is £50, you will have to contribute this amount before the insurance company settles the rest of the bill to your mechanic or local car dealership, and the same applies if your excess is £500.

Of course, there is £450 worth of difference between these two values, and if your excess is £500, more money will be coming out of your pocket to pay for claims than in the other scenario, where the insurer will take most of the liability. As a rule of thumb, the greater the excess you are willing to accept, the lower your monthly premiums will be. Then again, there can be a flaw in this approach on how to get cheap car insurance, as if you have to make a claim, you will need to find the excess amount from somewhere before your insurer will assist in getting the vehicle fully fixed.

As we mentioned earlier, your driving habits can matter when investigating how to get cheap car insurance. For example, a new motorist under the age of 25 who likes going for a midnight drive is unwittingly adding precious digits onto their annual premiums, as most accidents with young drivers happen in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, if you go for a policy where you agree not to drive after 23:00, or limit the miles you drive per year, an insurer will see you as less of a liability and so will make getting a comprehensive policy a lot more affordable. The method on how to get cheap car insurance is certainly more of a science than an art!