How to Find Cheap Car Insurance for Young Female Drivers

Not everything is rosy in a man’s world.

Most men have pondered gleefully over the years about such diverse things as why a trip to the hairdressers costs about five times more than a trip to the barber shop, or why when it comes to clothes and footwear, women have to pay roughly double the amount of money for half the amount of fabric or leather.

Then the subject of cheap car insurance for young female drivers rears its head and the glee becomes consternation because cheap car insurance for young female drivers, is not going to be a subject likely to impress young males any time soon.

The courts have of course argued this issue on a gender discrimination basis and not without some success, but the facts remain the facts and whether men choose to accept them or not, they are quite compelling.

Did you know that women account for only 8 per cent of driving convictions in the UK? Let’s just say that the other 92 per cent were not aliens from outer space.

It gets worse. When it comes to dangerous driving convictions, women account for a negligible 2 per cent of the total, which along with the disparity in UK prison population figures does tend to challenge any assertion within gender politics that men and women are essentially the same – but it doesn’t do much to help male insurance policy quotes.

We don’t even need to go into the relevant accident figures, young men have more serious incidents and the numbers and risk calculations are really quite frightening. Naturally, insurance companies don’t like it.

Cheap car insurance for young female drivers, if considered solely on the evidence of risk (and not on gender politics as was the case in a recent landmark decision) is really a no brainer. It matters not that women tend to travel shorter distances, or that they tend to drive more defensively, or that the quest for speed is not hard wired into them. It only matters that they don’t make nearly as many claims as men do and it is why some companies will only insure women and why cheap car insurance for young female drivers is probably going to be a reality in some shape or form – for good.

A check on any online car insurance comparison site will assure you of that.

It’s interesting though, to note that the subject matter here is in fact cheap car insurance for young female drivers, and not merely cheap car insurance for female drivers.

Well, sorry to say that it seems that you do lose your advantage when you hit the age of 45 ladies. What happens then? Do you suddenly become road racers? Speed freaks? Adrenaline junkies?

Well no, not at all really. You actually remain pretty much as safe and innocuous as you always were although your bill at the hairdressers may well go up.

And as for the men, it seems that when they finally get some sense then they get an advantage too.