Get the Most From Your Car Insurance Broker

The rise of online marketing has precipitated one of the most remarkable transformations of the last century. In little over 15 years we have gone from a compliant bunch, happy to indulge the whims and protocols of retailing, to a true market force, united by communication and imbued with an almost pathological dislike of the ‘middle man’.

His traditional profit margin was once a seen as a perfectly acceptable cost for his time and effort in bringing a product or service within our reach. Nowadays, since a bunch of chips and a processor can do all that stuff, we don’t really need him, in fact we resent what we once paid him and of course we are smug in the knowledge that we can print all that silly paperwork ourselves.

The main casualties have been seen in the travel and insurance industries, with other’s (though to a somewhat lesser extent) feeling the pinch in the investment services sector and even in the glib world of the estate agency.

The car insurance broker remains however a perfect example of this change in buying preferences. The old office, bursting chairs, tobacco coloured walls and stacks of A4 files is an image consigned to history and the avuncular gentleman who ran it no longer exists.

The car insurance broker of 2012 is a different animal altogether, a highly organised online car insurance comparison company specialised in the use and further development of ever more sophisticated software capable of obtaining quotes direct from the heart of the industry itself.

What was once an ordeal for the consumer, one of telephoning, waiting, explaining and often arguing is now a dovetailed and intuitive user-friendly experience because the car insurance broker can now ensure that it need not be otherwise.

It has after all, the entire information output of UK insurance companies at its instant disposal, can scrutinise the entire database of one single company in seconds, easily locate and identify a specific policy, clarify the level of cover offered, provide an instant quote and in many cases negotiate further discount.

The last part to be fair, is sometimes done on the telephone, by a human car insurance broker but it is a lot quicker than it used to be and of course it very often does result in you getting the discount you seek.

But for the overwhelming majority of the time, one of the most curious facts of the 21st century is that your car insurance broker is actually a highly efficient, extremely effective machine. It can search through an endless matrix of information is less time than it once took your old broker to pick up the phone and dial the draughty offices of Hathersage and Higginbottom.

And it can make car insurance comparison as effortless and simple as checking the weather, spare you from hours of unnecessary stress and arrange immediate cover for virtually any time period.

And as for the man in the draughty old office, well he’s at home, retired and very probably reading a book on the Luddites.