Direct car insurance

Following on from the phenomena of car insurance comparison websites, many insurers are now advertising that they don’t use these engines to reach customers. Known as direct insurance, the approach these companies take involves only providing quotes to clients that contact the insurer directly, instead of going through a quote aggregator.

The best advice on getting the most comprehensive policy for your money is to consult all potential avenues for quotes before making a decision. Only considering direct car insurance services may seem like a good idea for exclusivity, but you won’t know the deals that we could have offered you on our engine. In addition, if you were previously a client of a direct car insurance provider and opt for automatic renewal, it’s highly likely that the insurer won’t give you much bang for your buck – all because they know that they can already rely on the custom they generated from you.

There’s also the time factor associated with using direct car insurance providers, as you may feel compelled to compare quotes from a number of independent insurance companies. Every time you log on to a new business’s website to see how they could benefit you, there will be a requirement to fill in a brand-new form detailing your personal circumstances and the make and model of the vehicles you own. Sometimes, going through this arduous process three or four times just to save £20 can be questionable.

It’s different when you get involved with a car insurance comparison engine like ours. We may not be able to bring you direct car insurance deals, but you’ll only have to fill in your details once to get dozens of quotes from an array of insurers, offering advantages and features that independent companies simply can’t provide. Comparing quotes is ideal for classic car owners, teenagers who wish to get their own policy and to build their no-claims bonus, and to hear from niche companies that specialise in covering younger drivers, motorists over the age of 65, and drivers who may own modified vehicles. If you cherish your individuality and also like building custom-made policies, direct car insurance may not always be the best way to get what you want.

Don’t forget that doing your homework on car insurance can be pivotal to your success in finding a policy that offers the best value for money, and not necessarily just the cheapest deal. Make sure you also balance any special offers from direct car insurance providers with the features that are included in your policy. Getting 12 months’ worth of cover for the price of six may seem an alluring prospect, but you could end up with more money in your pocket by finding a company that offers free breakdown cover, saving you the need to pay for a membership to a nationwide service every month!