Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

There are some accidents and situations, such as DUIs, that can lead to prison terms. But when you have served your time and rejoined society, you can re-obtain your driver’s license and have the freedom of the road again. Car insurance is necessary for all UK drivers, though, and it can be frustrating to find when you have a conviction on your personal record. Motoring offenses stay on your license for anywhere from 4 to 11 years, so waiting until they clear is not an option for most people. It is not impossible to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers, though.

Can I Still Obtain Car Insurance?

Car insurance is expensive in the first place, but it can become even more so for someone with a criminal conviction applying to their driving records. Insurance companies take many things into account when they determine insurance policy premiums. While you can get insurance again, it might be a bit more expensive than before you got into trouble. Cheap car insurance for convicted drivers can be obtained through regular insurance companies or you can get in contact with a provider that offers coverage specifically to ex-convicts.

The Importance of Being Open and Honest

It is important not to attempt to hide that you were convicted when talking to car insurance suppliers. Many ex-convicts consider lying about their situation to get a more affordable rate, but this can backfire. If the agent finds that you are not being truthful, you will be considered high risk and receive a higher premium. If the company discovers a lie after coverage has been initiated, the policy could be cancelled altogether. Being up front and honest about your past can actually benefit you when talking with an agent. While there is no need to volunteer information that is not requested, failing to come clean about an accident that involved alcohol or drugs – particularly if it was an accident that caused the injury or death of another person – might cause you a great deal of trouble in getting an insurance policy.

Take a Look at Your Car

If you are going to buy a car, keep in mind that a used car or an older model will cost you far less when it comes to insurance than a brand new model that is fresh off the assembly line. You may choose to drive a used car, as least for a while, as you get back into the swing of things and prove yourself responsible and trustworthy to your insurance provider. If you must buy a new car, make sure that you avoid sports cars and flashy vehicles, as these usually have higher premiums automatically. Making sure that you have some good safety features installed can bring your premiums down a bit, as well. Beyond safety belts and air bags, consider having an immobiliser installed to keep your car from being stolen or a lockdown device to detain any would-be thieves until the authorities arrive. There are also GPS tracking devices available that can be activated remotely in the event that your car is stolen, so that you can retrieve your vehicle more easily.


Getting counseling or being part of a support group for people in your situation – whether you were using alcohol or drugs while driving or something else that contributed to your conviction – can help you to get lower insurance premiums. Being a part of this type of group shows insurance agents that you are dedicated to recovery and determined to never get into that situation again. The more responsible that they see you are, the more likely they are to give you a lower premium or to give you discounts later.

Consider a Higher Excess

You can force the price of your monthly premium payments lower if you opt to pay a higher excess. This means that, in the event of an accident, you will have to pay more out of pocket before the insurance company will pay anything on your claim. This is a better option for careful drivers who do not anticipate many claims, because the excess can get quite pricey, especially if you increase it enough to take your premiums down significantly.

Comparing Rates for Better Prices

Going online to compare insurance policy rates is the best way to find cheap car insurance for convicted drivers. You can get good estimates, so that you know what to expect in regards to your monthly premiums. All it takes is a few moments to fill out a form and you can receive a number of very affordable price quotes. You can look into the coverage that each policy offers and find the one that fits your situation best. Online comparison sites bring you quotes from dozens of different insurance companies, meaning that you don’t have to stick with just local, bricks-and-mortar offices. You can find a cheap policy that will still provide good coverage for your car as well as for you. Cheap car insurance for convicted drivers does not have to be out of reach, when you can compare so many offers instead of just taking what a single agent presents to you.