Compare market car insurance

With a plethora of car insurance providers available and 50 separate groups a car can fall into, shopping for vehicle policies can be a daunting prospect for even the most knowledgeable motorist. Trying to compare different quotes and policies can become a time consuming process; however, by going online to compare market car insurance and using a car insurance comparison site, this time can be reduced to a fraction of what it would take to check each company and their discount individually.

The benefits of comparing car insurance

Some providers may not offer cover for a particular type of driver or car and unfortunately, this fact is regularly only discovered after completing a sometimes lengthy and thorough form. By choosing to compare market car insurance using a comparison site instead, these providers can be quickly filtered out, leaving only those that offer cover for young drivers or sports cars, for example.

Many motorists now choose to customise their insurance policies to suit their own needs; whether a driver needs breakdown cover, the opportunity to take their car abroad or legal cover, using a comparison site to compare market car insurance can allow them to tailor any quotes to specific requirements.

What to do to make it easier

As car insurance prices vary for different types of cars and the vehicle to be insured hasn’t been purchased yet, decide what model is best for the circumstances – a family car or a saloon, for example – and research which insurance groups fit. How a car is categorised is based on a number of factors including the size of the engine, the most common uses and the likelihood of a crash. This can give an idea of not only which car to buy based on its features, but also which will save the most money when it comes to insurance.

If there are members of the family about to turn 17 or pass their test and may require use of the car, checking how much it will be to add a new driver to the policy can be a great indicator of future costs. While quotes from some companies may be cheap at first, they might only offer relatively high premiums when it comes to insuring the most risky driving demographic: new, young drivers.

Deciding what sort of policy will be required is also another great step. If the vehicle to be insured is relatively old or does not have a great resale value, it can make little sense purchasing an expensive fully comprehensive policy. Opting for a third party only or third party fire and theft policy can save large amounts of money. Similarly, as many people rely heavily on the use of their car for work, any accident or repair work which means they can’t drive their car can severely affect a routine. Ensure that a courtesy car option is added on to any quotes to avoid paying high rental fees or relying on unpredictable public transport.

As UK prices for insurance continue to escalate, choosing to compare market car insurance is one of the best steps to avoid paying over the odds. Cheap car insurance for most drivers is still available and can be found by committing just a little bit of time and patience to a search.