Compare car insurance quotes

You’ve made the decision to look online for cheap car insurance cover, and have come across the car insurance comparison services offered by our website. But how exactly do you compare car insurance quotes effectively? If you’re fed up of being bamboozled with the vast range of differing car insurance plans offered by various insurance companies, look no further than this guide. Below we explain how to compare car insurance quotes and the process of deciding which company policy is right for you.

First things first: you need to enter a range of details that will be used to find policy deals suitable for you. You will be issued with an online questionnaire, which will include questions relating to your driving history – most specifically, to insurance claims you have made in the past and the number of years you have been insured. Other personal details will also be required, such as your age and address – both of these are taken into consideration by car insurance companies when they set the price of your premiums. When you have completed the questionnaire, the system will take a moment to generate a number of insurance policies relevant to your needs.

So now, on the screen in front of you, you have a list of car insurance policies offered by a range of UK insurance providers. It is now up to you to study and compare car insurance quotes. Quotes will differ in price, type and extent. All of these things must be taken into consideration before a final decision is reached. Sure, you want a cheap policy – but it isn’t always the cheapest deal that incurs the least expense in the long run.

To compare car insurance quotes with maximum ease, take the first dozen or so policies listed at the top of the search page. Firstly, take a look at what is included in each. They may vary in extent, as car insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes. Do they simply offer third party only cover, or is the policy comprehensive? Figure out the type of plan that would suit your motoring habits. If you’re relatively inexperienced, you should always opt for comprehensive cover – better to be safe than sorry. If you have a clear driving history and over 10 years of experience, maybe you can afford to take out less extensive cover.

Using the above criteria you can narrow your search down to a number of options; policies that include exactly what you need. Now it’s time to check the terms and conditions. After reading the small print, individuals often discover insurance policies aren’t quite as they seem. Whilst we do our best to make things simple and consider clarity to be vitally important, we still recommend a thorough policy check.

Now you will most likely be left with one or two options after comparing car insurance quotes. This step is easy – opt for the cheapest one. This basic, fail-safe method of choosing cheap car insurance via a comparison website could help you find a great value car insurance policy.