Company car insurance

Company car insurance is essential for those who drive to work, or have a profession that involves a significant amount of driving. Most car insurance providers in the UK offer company car insurance policies suitable for a vast range of company vehicles. While this is very positive in that everyone can find exactly the cover they need, it can also be confusing. With so many potential providers out there, it can be difficult to find the car insurance company for you. What’s more, it isn’t uncommon for a single organisation to offer a number of different company car insurance policies.

Luckily, there is help available, and this can be found right here. We operate an online car insurance comparison service that can be used by customers completely free of charge. This service allows you to generate a range of company car insurance quotes suitable for your individual driving circumstances. As well as simplifying the issue of finding policies that are right for you, our service allows you to easily compare similar company car insurance quotes. Finding reasonably-priced vehicle insurance, cover couldn’t be easier with our online services.

That said, there are a few things you should know about company car insurance. First things first; there are two main types of working car insurance, one of which will be suitable for your needs. Private and occasional company car insurance is designed for those who drive to and from their place of work. Additionally, they may use their vehicle within working hours on occasion – perhaps to pick up materials on a fortnightly basis or attend irregular meetings at alternative business premises. Private and occasional company car insurance will provide financial protection in the event of a road incident occurring during these driving times.

For those who have jobs that feature a more prominent element of motoring, there is commercial business car insurance. If you find yourself driving around during working hours on a daily basis, commercial car insurance is the policy plan you need. Workers who need such a policy include travelling salespeople, who must drive around to reach various sales locations. Often commercial insurance is necessary as regular UK car insurance won’t pay out for accidents that occur while at work.

As well as looking online, there are a number of ways in which you could find a discount on your company car insurance plan. If you belong to a small firm (which is probably the case, if you must individually sort out your company car insurance) you could collaborate with your co-workers to save cash together. Multiple car business car insurance policies are provided by a number of car insurance companies. These plans allow workers to gain cover for their individual vehicles on one simple insurance policy. This works out much cheaper per person than company car insurance policies set up individually.

Find cheap company car insurance today with maximum convenience by using our free car insurance comparison service. Comparing quotes couldn’t be easier than having all relevant information in one place.