Classic car insurance quotes

Classic cars are very like antiques, well in fact some of them are antiques but the fact remains that one man’s highly desirable objet d’art can be another man’s festering lump of junk.

The thing is, when that lump weighs around a ton and can propel itself at speed around public roads, it becomes something else – a thing that insurance companies call a liability, and one that they have to insure.

The classic car/lump of junk analogy is basically one of perception and it is right that this should be so; otherwise any concept of individuality in artistic appreciation becomes meaningless.

But it begs a simple question.

How is an insurance company supposed to know?

Is your 1985 Ford Duckegg a classic car or a scrap yard dodger?

Well, the best thing about individual perception, particularly from the point of view of UK insurance companies, is that if mutually agree that you hold the same one at the outset of whatever insurance agreement you decide to make, then there ought not to be arguments later on.

It is not really acceptable, for example, to accept a cheap quote based on a policy of insurance taken out on the value of a lump of junk – and then plead for the value of the Mona Lisa when somebody backs into it on Tesco’s car park.

Which brings us to classic car insurance quotes, because it is at the ‘quote’ stage that everything that matters about classic car insurance quotes is transacted and cast in stone. This point cannot be stressed enough.

Remember that if you own a classic car, you are seeking an agreement with your insurer, based on the fact that you have an old car, the value of which is not based on its age and condition but rather on its perceived value, collectability, rarity value, novelty value or a combination of all these things. You are asking for a classic car insurance quote because this is not your main mode of transport or perhaps because you will be accruing only limited mileage.

All these factors will vary from agreement to agreement but whatever the case, the premium you both decide will usually contain a fair discount reflecting the level of risk you have declared and if you have shopped online for a number of quotes then you will no doubt already be satisfied with the deal you have obtained. If you are not then surely you would (or should) have continued to research online and obtain enough quotes to make detailed comparison – before arriving at a reasonable conclusion as to the level of risk the market places on your vehicle.

The thing is – there is a trend among some consumers to believe that the often attractive nature of classic car insurance quotes means that they can accept the cheap cover and carry on regardless, paying no heed to the agreement they have made and the stipulations they have agreed to. This is unwise to say the least, and in some cases using such a vehicle in circumstances in which you are not covered can be tantamount to driving uninsured.