Classic car insurance online quote

At first, when you think about a classic car insurance online quote, you may be considering policies from insurers that don’t offer all of the 21st-century bells and whistles we have become accustomed to expect, such as breakdown cover, loyalty card points and other benefits. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as a classic car insurance online quote refers to the nature of the car – a specialist motor that may be rare and valuable, but still needs to be insured to be driven on UK roads.

Now, you may think that this sounds like an awfully expensive business – after all, this will mean that the car could be more expensive to repair due to the nature of the vehicle’s parts, and impossible to replace should the motor be written off. However, by using the specialist comparison website we provide for a classic car insurance online quote, you could be surprised by the price you’re given by leading specialists in this sector.

So, how can classic car insurance be an affordable luxury?

Firstly, make sure you look out for the added features that some classic car insurance specialists will have thrown in to reduce the liability they face, without affecting your pleasurable driving experience.

For example, a limited mileage policy can be a great way to minimise the risk of your car falling into disrepair or being involved in an accident as you will be on the roads for less time. Limited mileage also ensures that a car doesn’t become worn down from overuse, as commonly seen with some of the older vehicles that are collected by today’s motorist.

If your car should be written off, there are policies that also allow you to determine an agreed value for the motor which is based on an independent assessment.

Classic car owners can get exclusive discounts no other motorist can

Are you a member of a classic car owner club, a forum where motorists who love vehicles from the past can celebrate their collections? If so, don’t forget that some insurers offer discounts of up to 15 per cent if you have a pre-approved classic car from a list of manufacturers, and if your club is recognised.

Is your motor actually a classic car?

You may have an ever-reliable Ford Cortina that’s been with you for 20 years, but despite this, it may not be defined by insurers as a vehicle for which it’s possible to obtain a classic car insurance online quote. This is commonly seen by many motorists; even though they have an older car that is recognised by established collector groups, it isn’t deemed as classic by insurers. Because of this, you should look for a provider that accepts a wide range of motors, therefore giving you the best value for money.

Policy perks

Looking around the comparisons we offer can get you some much-needed extras for your policy, such as cover if you want to hire out your vehicle for weddings, showcase your driving skills in a rally, or modify your classic car to enhance its performance.