Cheaper Car Insurance with a Tracker Device

Many safe drivers find that they are still paying high car insurance rates despite looking into discounts on their policies. There are ways to make your payments cheaper, though, even if you own an import, sports car, or other vehicle that has been deemed difficult to insure, or are having a problem finding affordable insurance for young drivers. For careful drivers, having a GPS tracker fitted is something like getting a stamp of approval. You can obtain far cheaper rates on your car insurance cover than even someone who is a safe driver but does not have a GPS tracker fitted to his or her vehicle.

Saving on Insurance Premiums

One great way to save on your car insurance premiums is by having a GPS tracker fitted to your vehicle. This can not only help you in getting safe and quick directions to virtually any destination, a tracker device will keep track of how safely you drive, as well. They can record whether or not you drive over the speeding limit and how often you go over it. A tracker device can also keep track of how often you brake hard or accelerate quickly, as well as how frequently you are driving. This might not benefit those who are not safe drivers, but it is a wonderful thing for those who are more careful and experienced at driving, or for people who wish to keep tabs on the mistakes they might be making as they drive.

How Trackers are Good for Insurance Companies

Insurance providers love the tracker device for an entirely separate set of reasons. When you have a GPS tracker fitted to your car, they can keep an eye on the drivers that they provide with cover and categorise these individuals according to how much risk they pose and how likely they will be to file a claim in the future. Having a tracker device installed can also allow the insurance company or the authorities to locate your car in the event that someone steals it. GPS devices provide tracking coordinates that allow trackers to find your vehicle’s location at a particular time. This is a wonderful feature for parents who have young drivers behind the wheel. All of these benefits mean that you can obtain cheaper car insurance – if you prove to be a safe risk and do not exhibit behaviours that might send up red flags for the insurance company.

How GPS Keeps Cars and Owners Safe

Fitting a gps tracker could reduce your car insurance premiumYou can also opt for real time reporting on a GPS device, so that you can be alerted immediately when the car it is fitted to is being used during times that you have determined out of bounds. Insurance companies can monitor the doors, motion sensors, car ignition, and any geo fences you might have set up. After you have been notified, you will be able to find the car within moments. You can even have the ignition turned off remotely to stop a theft that may have occurred or non-permitted use by young drivers. Speeding, hard braking, and quick acceleration by the drivers on your policy can be monitored, as well, allowing you to see who is doing what with your car. You will also have the ability to review the device’s logs and obtain information to use as evidence against fake or frivolous legal disputes that may come up, allowing these kinds of claims against you to be dismissed more quickly and save you a great deal of trouble.

Thwarting Car Thieves

Vehicles are typically stolen for one of two reasons – the thief was looking for a car to take a joy ride in or the thief was a professional searching for a car to strip for parts to sell quickly for a profit. Both cases usually mean that the car, if it does happen to be recovered, is worse for the wear and the company insuring it must consider it totalled and has to pay its full value on the claim. Some cars now have GPS devices installed right in the factory. However, the owner of the car does not usually have direct access to the information gathered by the device, meaning that you do not know who has access to this information. The best option is having a GPS tracker fitted after you purchase your car. If your car is stolen, a simple phone call can have the tracker activated and the authorities can go to the vehicle’s exact location. With this ability, the thief can be arrested and your vehicle can be recovered often before any major damage is inflicted upon it.

One of the greatest day-to-day concerns these days is saving money. Sometimes clipping coupons and shopping at low cost stores doesn’t keep the household budget balanced. Qualifying for car insurance discounts can save a big chunk of money each month, making premiums cheaper, since safe driving practices, low mileage, tracking young drivers, and anti-theft mechanisms can all fall under the GPS device’s responsibilities. The safer your driving habits, the more saved on insurance costs and the less coming out of your pocket.