Cheap temporary car insurance

There are many instances when short term car insurance is needed; whether it’s a student home from university over the holidays, a waiting list for a new car or simply a change in circumstances, no one wants to pay over the odds for a short term problem. Fortunately, cheap temporary car insurance is available to allow drivers from all backgrounds manage between longer term plans. Here is a look at some of the benefits and ways to obtain the best cheap temporary car insurance.

No claims bonus

Accumulating a no claims discount is the best way of making sure that next year’s car insurance quotes are cheaper than the year before. Many insurance providers like to reward motorists that don’t claim for an accident or damage by offering them a cheaper policy. The main alternative and many people’s first reaction to needing temporary cover is to simply to add them to an existing 12 month policy. However, adding a secondary driver to a policy means that the new motorist is also responsible for the main driver’s no claims bonus.

While only driving a car for a few days or a couple of weeks isn’t likely to be long enough to cause a crash, if the worst does happen, this can negate the main driver’s right to a discount on their next policy and actually cause the premium to rise. A much better option can simply be to take a new temporary policy and have peace of mind that should the worst happen, not only will the car be covered, but so will the no claims bonus.

Buying and selling a new car

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a great way to benefit from a new warranty and avoid costly repairs. However, there is typically a waiting list for new cars and this can mean that taking out a new 12 month policy to manage between selling an old car and taking the keys of a new one is impractical. Arranging cheap temporary car insurance is a great alternative that won’t involve any lengthy cancellation procedures or incur any unforeseen charges for leaving a company earlier than agreed.

When it comes to selling a car, a temporary insurance policy can be great for allowing prospective buyers to try out car out on the open road; a temporary policy can often be purchased immediately and cover a new driver for just one day.

Arranging the best cover

While not all providers offer cheap temporary car insurance, by going online and using a car insurance comparison site, plenty of choice can be still be found. By committing a little bit of time and patience to the process, it’s possible to find the right company which will offer every driver great cover for the amount of time needed. So, whether it’s to make getting over an unforeseen problem easier or treating a new driver in the family to much deserved practise and freedom, cheap temporary car insurance can offer the best solution.