Cheap car insurance new driver

Whether you’re 17 or 45, learning to drive brings a freedom like no other. No longer reliant on friends and family for lifts or inconsistent and expensive public transport, having a full driving licence opens up your life to a whole new realm of possibility and convenience. But after the euphoria and excitement of passing your test subsides, the prospect of having to search for cheap car insurance new driver specific deals can quickly become daunting, and with new (and especially younger) drivers presenting insurance companies’ biggest risk demographic, your first insurance policy is likely to be your most expensive.

Provided you are a safe and conscientious driver who can begin to accumulate a no claims discount, your policy cost should start to decrease dramatically, however, there are steps you can take to ensure that your first policy needn’t be as high as you might fear. Here is a look at some ways you can keep the cost down.

Buying the right car

Your car is one of the most influential factors when determining how much your policy will cost alongside your age, your gender and where you live. While the more expensive a car is will obviously increase the insurance price, the size of the car’s engine is the real determining factor. To ensure your premium is as cheap as possible, try to keep the engine size as small as possible.

Getting the right policy

If you’re searching for cheap car insurance new driver specific deals are obviously where to look – but make sure you have the right policy for your needs, too. There are three main types of policy in the UK: fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only. While third party only may be the cheapest, you should consider your own situation before buying. Firstly, how expensive is the car you will be buying? If it’s particularly dear then you need to bear in mind that, in the event of an accident or theft, you will have to pay the full amount yourself for the replacement or repairs. However, if your car is relatively cheap, purchasing a fully comprehensive policy can be equally inadvisable as your policy is likely to cost more than the car is worth.


Once you have decided what sort of cheap car insurance new driver specific deal you would like, determine the extras you require. These can range from everything from breakdown cover, to windscreen replacement, to driving abroad. If your work requires a lot of travel or you aren’t too confident at basic car repairs by the roadside, it’s worth considering adding these on to your policy. While you can buy these separately, by combining them with your policy you may be able to secure a sizeable discount.

Finding the best cheap car insurance new driver specific deals

When it comes to shopping for quotes, the best way of finding the cheapest company is by research. By spending a little bit of time and consideration, you can scour the plethora of providers online to find the best one for you. Entering your details on each provider’s website can quickly become an arduous process, but by using a car insurance comparison site you can quickly and efficiently narrow down and compare just the providers that offer the cover you are after.