Cheap car insurance new driver

There is a special feeling that comes with the acquisition of one’s full driving licence. It’s difficult to define, though. It is certainly one of anticipated freedom, and it most definitely carries with it a sense of accomplishment, and then there is the exiting knowledge that you will soon own, or at least will one day own one of those shiny metal things that everybody seems to talk about incessantly, yet to revere and complain about in almost equal measure.

Your new-found elation is of course justified, but nowadays there is a little detail right around the corner that is going to burst your bubble. You may as well learn of it before you buy a car, in fact it is infinitely preferable that you do because learning of it is going to save you some heartache and probably some money. So brace yourself, whatever your age, because you are a new driver and you will soon be in the market for car insurance.

So you need to face the fact that ‘cheap car insurance new driver’ are not terms that sit particularly well together; in fact ‘cheap car insurance new driver’ is one of a number terms that for all practical purposes is mutually incompatible here in the UK.

This doesn’t however mean that the term ‘comparatively cheap car insurance new driver’ shouldn’t have some currency as a doctrine. There is simply no reason if you plan carefully that you should not be able to keep what is a significant annual expense affordable and sustainable.

Your first priority is to research the types of vehicle available given your budget. You have to be brutally realistic here because young or old, if you have no driving experience you are simply not ready for powerful, luxurious or possibly even brand new transport and if you insist upon it, then expect to pay for it.
Remember, if you’re bent on owning a brand new or late model vehicle, you are relatively likely to damage it – to some extent – during the first year. Nothing personal, it’s just a fact and one of which your insurance company is keenly aware.

So, remember that your quest is cheap car insurance new driver – consider an older, mass-produced vehicle with an engine cubic capacity of as near to 1000cc as you can practically get it. And before you buy it, check its insurance group; this is easily done by online car insurance comparison – and remember that the nearer you can get it to ‘one’ the better. Do not even think about buying a car until you have done this.

Your next move is to thoroughly research the market and that means type of policy, cover offered, and what if any discount is being offered to new customers. You will find plenty of companies specialising in the field of cheap car insurance new driver and there are as many incentives as there are providers. Pass plus schemes, voluntary excess discount to name but two, get detailed quotes and then compare and analyse what is cheap and what merely appears to be cheap.

There is a world of difference – and a final word, resist the temptation to become a named driver on somebody else’s policy if you can avoid it. It is a short sighted saving as you will never acquire your own ‘no claims’ discount and you are highly likely to negatively affect that of the policy holder.

Is it really possible for a new driver to obtain cheap or affordable car insurance? What is the real position and what can you do to mitigate it?