Car insurance young drivers

When it comes to car insurance young drivers seem irritated and bamboozled as to why they are being singled out with the highest premiums when compared to other age groups. Unfortunately though, the reasoning is very simple: under 25s are far more likely to have a crash than any other demographic, and so insurance providers need to protect their liability. With double-digit rises on premiums every year it seems, at least there is one thing that young people can use to offset the expense of getting insured: comparison websites.

Here, you will be able to find the highest and lowest premiums from an array of providers, always bearing in mind that getting the cheapest policy won’t always be of benefit to you. Instead, car insurance young drivers specific needs to be comprehensive, and full of benefits such as breakdown cover and a courtesy car that can allow your insurance provider to help you.

When you’re filling in the form for our powerful price comparison engine, take the time to think about whether there’s anything you can change about your personal circumstances to make insurers see you in a more favourable light. One option you might face when scouring the web is whether or not you have participated in the Pass Plus programme, a certification that goes beyond the standard UK driving test and gives you further knowledge about how to drive responsibly on motorways and in extreme weather conditions. Although not all insurance companies recognise this qualification, some do, and going that little bit further to get this certificate will help you to be depicted as a conscientious young driver.

It’s also about making the right choices. When it comes to car insurance young drivers can choose whether or not to stick it out with their own policy, or to join the insurance of their parents by becoming a named driver on the family car. This can be regarded as a bit of a catch-22 situation, as even though you will be eager to benefit from the lower costs of joining your parents’ insurance policy, there will always be the downfall of not being able to develop your own no-claims bonus, which will guarantee discounts on your premiums for as long as you don’t make a claim.

When it comes to deciding which insurer should be chosen for car insurance young drivers are also being treated to quotes from companies that focus solely on catering to under 25s, or in some cases, the 17 to 40 market. As these companies see this age group as a speciality, they will have access to more statistics about what causes accidents and what makes a young driver high risk. By answering their questions, and benefiting from their expertise by finding them on our search engine, you’ll have the opportunity to only pay what’s necessary.