Car Insurance UK

Price comparison websites are fantastic when it comes to choosing the car insurance UK that will best suit your needs. It is well known that it is illegal to drive a car in this country without valid vehicle insurance, making it mandatory to hold the correct policy for your car.

In this way, price comparison websites have been invaluable in helping UK car owners pick the car insurance that is best for them, offering the cheapest deals with the best benefits for each driver. Car insurance UK prices can vary depending on your age, location, car and circumstances. Younger drivers will typically pay more for their first few years of insurance as they are unknown to the insurance company and represent a greater risk as drivers, as they are less experienced and statistically more likely to be in an accident.

Car insurance UK will also vary in price depending on your location. Locations are often split by postcode, with some postcodes deemed to be in more ‘high risk’ areas in terms of theft and accidents. For this reason it is possible for car insurance prices to be higher or lower for the same driver depending on where they live.

Your car will play a big part in how much your insurance will cost. Cars are split into 50 insurance groups (numbered 1-50) and the group that your vehicle falls into will determine how much you will have to pay for your insurance. The lower end numbers represent cars with smaller engines and less power and are usually cheaper, whilst the higher numbers are reserved for cars with high performance and big engines. The higher end cars with the bigger engines will cost more to insure as they can go faster and, if used irresponsibly, can be far more dangerous to drive.

There are other factors that will affect your car insurance too, such as no claims years and mileage. The more years you go without claiming on your car insurance, the cheaper the insurance will be as you will be more trusted and reliable as a driver. Similarly, the less mileage you do the less time you will spend on the road; this will therefore make you statistically less likely to have an accident, representing less of a risk for the insurance company.

Companies may vary on the type of driver they insure – some companies will deal specifically with female drivers whilst other insurance providers give preferential prices and cover to more experienced motorists. This is where price comparison websites can help as they will point you in the direction of the cheapest insurers that will deal with you in the stage of life and circumstances you are in.

With car insurance UK being a legal requirement for all drivers, insurance costs cannot be avoided for any UK citizen wishing to drive their car. However, with the ability to shop around with such ease it has never been easier to find the insurance that best suits you at the most agreeable price.