Car insurance reviews

With so many insurance providers in UK and almost every last one of them pleading for your business, seeming to throw discounts and incentives left, right and centre at you, it can be hard to know which one to choose. The lowest price available is the obvious answer but is that all there is to it? The Internet has made it so much easier for companies to reach you and tempt you in but at the same time it’s also made it easier for anyone and everyone to go online and voice their own opinions, whether it’s to give a glowing recommendation after receiving excellent customer service from one company or to detail an ongoing nightmare at the hands of another. Here are some things to bear in mind when reading car insurance reviews.

Where to read reviews

Make sure you read reviews on an unbiased website which has no affiliation with any insurance company whatsoever, as no sensible insurance company is likely to print bad reviews about their own service. So, while you’re trying to retrieve some quotes from several websites filled with glowing reviews, you may discover another side to the company in another location.

Don’t believe everything you read

It’s an old adage now that someone who receives good service will tell three people – someone who receives bad service will tell 10 people. And where better to vent your frustration than anonymously on the Internet? We’ve all been at the hands of poor customer service at one time or another in our lives, so try to appreciate that while a review may be scathing, the person who wrote it is likely to have been incredibly frustrated or angry and prone to exaggeration.

If you have a friend or acquaintance whose opinion or judgement you can trust, their input should not be dismissed simply because it isn’t typed up neatly online.

It’s your opinion that counts

As no company is perfect, it’s likely that you will find good and bad reviews for most companies, so if you’ve had a good experience with a company in the past or were happy with how cheap their cover was, finding a bad review or two about them should not be enough of a reason to discount them from your search.

What you should do

Because there are so many insurance companies available and so many people eager to give you their opinions, it would make little sense starting to read car insurance reviews as soon as you begin shopping.

Instead, narrow down your search to just a few suitable companies and then compare just those. By using a car insurance comparison site you can quickly filter out the majority of companies leaving you with just a select few.

Once you have a shortlist you can begin reading car insurance reviews. Select several nonpartisan websites and read as many reviews as you can. As you come across bad reviews, consider whether or not the incident was an isolated event or what the reviewer is complaining about is likely to happen during your policy.

After all that, it’s still up to you and you should never feel obliged to go with any one company.