Car Insurance Groups

The amount you are charged in car insurance premiums is an indication of how much of a risk the insurance company believes you pose. One of the considerations an insurer will surely take into account is the vehicle you plan to insure, including its market value, power and performance.

Each vehicle is designated a one to 50 rating based on which of the car insurance groups or band they belong to, with one being the cheapest and 50 being the most expensive car insurance group. Group one vehicles will tend to be cheaper, low-specification models with smaller engines, whereas group 50 vehicles are the more expensive, high-performance cars.

Car insurance companies will take several factors into account when determining which group or band a car falls into. The market value of the vehicle and costs of the parts will, of course, be of particular consideration, in addition to cost of repair. Security is naturally another feature that will determine which group your car is placed in and subsequently how cheap your quote will be, so cars that fall into the lowest category, group one, will be small-engine, low-performance, cheap cars that are regularly secured (off-road or in a locked garage) and inexpensive to repair.

There are still many ways you can insure a car that qualifies for the higher car insurance groups for as little as possible, and shopping around online is of course a sensible idea. is a website which filters through over 100 UK-based car insurance companies to help find you compare and find the best deal and so reduce your premium. The incredibly useful comparison tool will take into account all of your specifications and allow you to select from a vast range of companies to find a policy that is suitable for you.

It is advised to agree an annual mileage limit if possible, seeing as most car insurance companies will interpret a restricted mileage as an indication that you are less likely to drive and thus be involved in an accident, therefore placing you in a stronger position to secure a lower premium. The market for car insurance is fierce so there are plenty of discounts and offers out there; companies across the country are providing competitive quotes to drivers, even those who want to insure high-performance, expensive cars that fall into the higher insurance groups. could save you money on your cover as well as time by generating a number of tailored policies from a range of companies to suit your needs, no matter which group your car falls into.