Car Insurance For Women

There are many options available for women wishing to take advantage of cheaper car insurance quotes. In the car insurance market there are many car insurance providers who deal exclusively with women drivers.

I am sure we have all seen the adverts by women-only car insurance providers, who offer reduced car insurance rates and special deals for women drivers. There are a number of reasons for this, for example, research suggests women drivers are involved in fewer accidents than male drivers. Similar research also states that men tend to use their cars more often than women over the course of a year, exposing them to the road hazards for longer periods of time.

Car insurance companies that deal solely with women drivers take research such as this into account. Their car insurance policies are often cheaper as the company feels it has to take less of a risk in insuring them. Afterall insurance is priced on how much of a risk a company will have to take on; the lower the risk, the lower premiums will be.

Indeed some men are now finding it cheaper to be insured as a second driver on their wife or partner’s car insurance policy than it is to be insured on their own policy, as a woman on their policy will often lower premiums, especially if the insurance provider is a women-only one.

Women-only car insurance companies offer other incentives too, such as priority breakdown call outs, offering female drivers greater peace of mind and value for money by taking out an insurance policy with one of these providers.

The medium of the Internet through which these companies operate, and in particular price comparison websites, has been an integral feature that has not only aided in keeping costs down, but in creating a large market for these women-only insurance companies. It is now possible for a woman to conveniently choose an insurance policy from a variety of women-only providers.

There has been an increase in the number of insurance providers that deal exclusively with women drivers. This means that prices have become more competitive as these companies drive down prices to draw business.

Therefore it is important to be exacting when choosing your insurance provider. Some companies will offer extra incentives, so it is always worth shopping around to find the best insurance provider for you. It is also worth noting that, although the insurance will be exclusively for women, this will not automatically make a women-only insurance provider the cheapest option as other, more conventional car insurance providers may also offer good deals for women.

Car insurance for women offers another alternative in the car insurance market and shows how far car insurance has come. The ability for insurance providers to specialise has increased choice and value for money for many drivers. Some insurance providers will specialise in offering insurance to more experienced drivers; whilst others will offer better deals for younger drivers. This can only be a good thing for motorists as we are set to remain in economic doldrums for the foreseeable future.