Car insurance for new drivers

Car insurance for new drivers is unfortunately more expensive than for motorists with a considerable amount of experience under their belts, and for one simple reason: an accident is statistically more likely if you have just passed your test. And now, whereas being female could see that you pay less than your male counterparts for a policy, new EU ruling against insurers using such parameters to determine a quote means that there is a rise for everyone in order to reduce a company’s financial liability.

According to brand-new research from a car insurance comparison engine, some new drivers (who tend to be under the age of 25) are facing quotes that are more than quadruple what the average consumer has to pay. This is a rise of 12.3 per cent when compared to 2010, and it’s also believed that motorists from the north of England have been more affected that those in southern areas.

These astronomical statistics are part of the reason why comparing quotes on car insurance comparison websites is so important. The Association of British Insurers has defended the companies who are part of its consortium, and has offered a potential overhaul to the system that could reduce costs for young people and stop them from being priced off the road: graduated licences. According to a spokesperson, an 18-year-old is currently three times more likely to crash than a 48-year-old.

How to get a cheap policy without cutting corners

Car insurance for new drivers is a necessity, and it isn’t worth trying to drive a car without this protection because of the legal and financial repercussions you could face. There are things you can do to lower the cost of being affected, such as by using comparison websites like ours, where the difference between the most expensive and the least expensive policy could be hundreds of pounds. What’s more, by getting involved in the Pass Plus programme, which offers further training for drivers after the standard theory and practice tests, you could be seen as a more competent motorist by insurers.

When you finally get on the road, the battle for low car insurance for new drivers will not stop. If you are 18, and have driven for a year, you will still be deemed as a novice motorist and in the high-risk category of being under 25. Because of this, you need to prove to your chosen provider that you are conscientious on the roads, by not getting speeding tickets or getting involved with collisions that will lower an insurer’s confidence and see your premiums rocket.

Confused as to which type of car insurance for new drivers you should be getting? If you own your own car, a comprehensive policy is definitely best as you will be covered for most eventualities that can occur on the roads. However, if you will be sharing a vehicle with your parents, opting to become a named driver on their policy can allow you to save a considerable amount of money when compared to being independent. Don’t forget that no matter whom you get insured with, the repairs bill will remain to be yours! There’s also a downside to this lowered cost: the prospect of building a no-claims bonus will be eradicated in most circumstances.