Car insurance for learner drivers

Most of us have very little recollection of the days when we were learning to drive. In the end, everything you need to do within the cockpit of a car sort of slots into place and becomes more of an instinctive thing.

And with that comes confidence which is then followed experience. Insurance companies like this.
So, it may be useful to jog one or two memories at this point, because most of us would have to admit that it wasn’t always thus. The memories normally begin on a disused piece of land, or a large deserted car park.

Depress clutch, engage gear, raise clutch…

Then a ‘thunk’ followed by the car lurching forward. Then figures of eight and how was one supposed to get that wheel around so quickly? Two new words entered our vocabulary – ‘stall’ and ‘oversteer’ – and then we were ready to try our hands at controlling this ton of metal on a public road.

It really isn’t all that difficult to see why insurance companies aren’t exactly optimistic, is it? Car insurance for learner drivers is surely something akin to injury insurance cover for stuntmen?

It’s wrong to mock because we have all been here but you do need to face some facts. Sure, you have an ‘L’ plate stuck onto your bumper, but it really isn’t going to save your bumper and the thing is, you represent about 10 per cent of the licence-holding population and have almost one third of its accidents.

In fairness, they tend to be nice, slow sedate accidents rather than 120 mph motorway catastrophes – but the fact is that hitting the latest Lexus, even on Tesco’s car park, is an expensive hobby and you never realistically get to aim at the cheapest to repair car.

One big consolation is that you now live in the age of online car insurance comparison, and this has literally forced so much healthy competition and variation into the market that car insurance for learner drivers is no longer the nightmare it once was. There was a time when you practically had to beg for a policy and your insurance company, being stuck with the legal obligation of providing it, simply loaded it up like a six gun and grudgingly complied.

Car insurance for learner drivers was essentially a paradox. Without some kindly company being willing to insure a learner driver, there wouldn’t be any qualified drivers to insure further down the line, and therefore no insurance business.

So most of them covered their eyes, took cover (if you’ll pardon the pun) and let these fledgling risks loose.

Online car insurance comparison sites have done a lot to make car insurance for learner drivers more accessible simply because they have made the insurance industry compete for your business. Insurance companies no longer have the luxury of being allowed to think that they are doing you a favour and as a result, more has been done to better evaluate specific risk factors and where possible, seek to eliminate or at least minimise them.

Hence there are now insurance providers that specialise exclusively in young or learner drivers and it’s important that the customer seeks one of these out. Avoid going mainstream, you will find that quotes from companies specialising in car insurance for learner drivers will be cheap when you compare them and they can generally offer a more bespoke type of policy with, for example, features designed to quickly build up a no claims discount.

And try not to be too resentful of the price advantages that come with experience – after all, there isn’t too much to look forward to in middle age!

If you are a learner driver, you are going to pay more for your car insurance. But don’t be disillusioned, it is a vast market and there are companies out there that exist to help you.