Car hire insurance

Sometimes when hiring a car, it will be necessary to take out a specialist car hire insurance policy. This will be the case if the company from which you hire the vehicle doesn’t offer insurance automatically, as is usually the case. Without a policy, you can’t drive the hire car on the roads in the UK legally, and you could also be left with high bills after a road incident while uninsured. Don’t take the risk – purchase car hire insurance cover today to avoid financial trouble in the future.

As car hire insurance isn’t necessarily a regular type of insurance cover, finding a company that offers it at a cheap price can be difficult. Quotes obtained from many providers are very high, given the specialist nature of the insurance required. Often people aren’t sure how much they should expect to pay for car hire insurance, which is why they end up accepting a policy with sky-high premiums.

That’s where we come in. Our free-to-use services can help you find some of the best car hire insurance deals on the market, and can also allow you to thoroughly compare similar policies on price as well as other important aspects. Simply input some basic information to gain a number of reliable insurance quotes. You could even gain a significant discount through buying your insurance online rather than on the high street.

There are a few specific things to consider when it comes to car hire insurance. Firstly, you will need to check what the hiring agency requires you to have in terms of cover. Some companies have a policy that full car insurance (that is, comprehensive insurance) will be needed by all customers. Other car rental companies are more lenient, leaving it at your discretion to decide which car insurance to buy, making it clear that you will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

On the note of cover extent, you should be aware of the different types of car insurance policies available. These different categories still apply when it comes to car hire insurance. Firstly, there is third party-only insurance – this type offers a big discount in the UK and will probably be cheap, but won’t cover all eventualities. Damage done to your own vehicle, for instance, will not be taken care of by your chosen insurance provider. The second main type of insurance category is third party, fire and theft. This will provide a payout if you do damage to another vehicle, or if your rented car is involved in a fire or is stolen. Finally, there is comprehensive car insurance, offering the maximum in financial security. However, as insurance firms have different perceptions of ‘comprehensive’, we always recommend shopping around so you can see what you are getting.

Take a look at our car insurance comparison service today to find out what insurance cover plans are available. You shouldn’t struggle to find car hire insurance that is suitable for your budget.