Car breakdown insurance

Shopping for car insurance often ranks high on most people’s list of things to get out of the way as soon as possible. So much so, that many simply opt for the first policy or offer they come across, whether it’s their current provider’s renewal price or an offer they’ve seen on TV, it can be all too easy to accept what’s in front of you. However, choosing the easiest option could leave the driver unaware of what their cover entails and could risk leaving them in the lurch when some help is needed. With the right amount of research and consideration though, plenty of people could not only secure a great discount, but be prepared should the worst happen.

When it comes to car breakdown insurance, many motorists either simply assume they are covered on their existing insurance policy, or do not require it. A survey in 2009 by esure showed that as many as two in three people would call a friend or relative in the event of a breakdown, while 10 per cent of respondents would attempt to fix the vehicle themselves on the hard shoulder of the motorway.

While these measures are common, they could prove both dangerous and more expensive in the long run. Fixing a car on the motorway without the proper equipment such as lighting and high visibility clothing places an extreme risk on the mechanic, as cars hurl past at 70 mph without being able to see the stationary vehicle properly. And while the car may be able to make it home with some improvised or cheap repairs, without the proper knowledge, the risk of causing more damage to the car and therefore more expensive repairs down the line is quite high.

Vehicle breakdown insurance is not a legal necessity in the UK like standard insurance, but it could prove much more useful. Careful and conscientious drivers can routinely go years and only ever calling their insurance provider to compare their quotes but most cars breakdown, and they have a habit of doing so at the most inappropriate times. While calling a friend or relative to help might be an option, there is the chance that they could arrive and have no clue what the problem is or how to fix and ending up having to call an expensive recovery truck anyway.

The peace of mind car breakdown insurance provides is that if a car simply needs some water, or oil, or a battery change, these repairs can be done and the car can be back on the road. However, vehicle breakdown insurance also guarantees that, should a car be beyond repair on the side of the road, it can simply be loaded on to the back of the recovery vehicle.

Car breakdown insurance can be purchased from a whole host of providers for much less than standard car insurance, sometimes even just a few pounds a month. By researching several different policies online using a car insurance comparison site, every motorist can benefit from features including 24-hour emergency assistance, roadside repairs and delivering a car to a garage for full repair.