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Retain No Claim Bonus to Get Maximum Car Insurance Discount

In the current scenario of rising insurance premium, every car owner tries to get maximum discount on the insurance cover. One can purchase a worthwhile insurance policy from car insurance comparison site after a proper review of all the car … Continue reading

Avoid Fronting and Compare Online To Get Reasonable Insurance Deal

While buying a cheap insurance cover, many car owners do fronting and give fake information to their insurance company. But in event of any accident or car damage your credentials are cross checked by the insurance company claim department and … Continue reading

Get Easy Insurance Claim with New Software Technology

The introduction of new software technology has allowed insurance companies to deal with car insurance claims easily related to car crashes. The new technology eases the administrative process of the provider and one can easily get the claim amount and … Continue reading

Safe Insurance Coverage for Drivers Above 75

The old drivers need good insurance coverage to remain protected while driving. The old drivers wishing to get an affordable insurance deal can obtain a good protective cover after having a medical certificate of good health from the doctor. After … Continue reading

Road Drawings Ensure Safe Drawings by Car Insurance Customers

The drivers in Norwich drive too fast so, to ensure road safety now the residents have also joined with local council by doing drawings on roads. The local councils are running short of budget so cannot spend on road safety … Continue reading

Lower Your Car Insurance Quotes By Properly Inflating Car Tyres

You will be surprised to know that the car tyres affect the car insurance quotes largely as they aid a lot in preventing accidents. The tyres play an important role in balancing and controlling the car and with good tyres, … Continue reading

Car Modifications Leading to Rise in Insurance Cost

The modifications in your car might increase the insurance cover cost by 101%. While flaunting your newly installed alloy wheels or car phone among your friends, you might have to face the skyrocket cost of the car insurance. According to … Continue reading

Concentration on Roads Can Prevent High Insurance Premiums

According to a recent survey, men are more likely to crash down due to distraction as compared to their female counterparts. The male motorists get easily distracted during driving thus twice more likely to indulge in an accident than women … Continue reading

Inconsistent Insurance Reporting Affect Consumer Perception

The growing inefficiency and inconsistency in current insurance reporting is leading to under- evaluation of top insurance companies. The lack of quality in insurance reporting has worried the insurance analyst, as it might influence the perception of the consumers towards … Continue reading

Formula One Stars Joined Car Insurance Campaign

The formula one star motorists participated in the campaign of road safety along with the prime minister. In a recent initiative by the government for road safety, British Formula One (F1) drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and Prime Minister … Continue reading