A Guide to Obtaining a Quick Car Insurance Quote

Although much that has been said about the rising costs of car insurance cover in the UK, there remains one or two heartening improvements when compared with the bad old days.

One of them is the progress made within the industry itself in terms of customer service and efficiency. Most companies nowadays can handle matters such as a change of policy or variation in the terms of cover either online or by a quick telephone call. The whole idea of waiting around for the post and endless form filling, or hanging for interminable periods on the telephone is largely a thing of the past – and we are well rid of it.

Another is the improvement on the very act of obtaining car insurance in the first place. We have short memories but it wasn’t all that long ago that obtaining a quick car insurance quote was a little like paying a ‘quick’ visit to a hospital A&E unit, it was never quick and it was seldom, if ever painless.
Yet you only wanted to find out how much your car insurance was going to cost you this year.

You would dearly have loved to shop around for the best deal available, but you didn’t, you tended to leave it with last year’s broker, all because you couldn’t stand the hassle, all because there was no such thing as a quick car insurance quote, or because you hated being deluged with seemingly irrelevant questions, listening to annoying music whilst he or she ‘went to check’ with maybe five or six companies whose quotes varied very little and all because the industry basically had it all its own way.

Online car insurance comparison websites have thankfully made all this history. The idea of obtaining a quick car insurance quote is now very much a reality and it has given the consumer unprecedented access to the entire market. Forget the outmoded notion of being at the mercy of a handful of companies, now it is a simple matter of getting online, inputting your details and viewing your quotes – quotes from potentially hundreds of companies.

Not only this, the quick car insurance quote gives you the opportunity to view the policy, assess and consider its terms and its level of cover, vary your own requirements particularly in terms of which, if any, restrictions and limitations you are happy to accept, search for discounts and then, if dissatisfied simply and easily move on and search some more.

The truth is that the very concept of obtaining a quick car insurance quote is possibly understating things a little, the ability to search the market thoroughly, compare products and satisfy yourself as to what truly represents cheap cover is something that we are almost beginning to take for granted. Yet our ability to do so isn’t merely something that is ‘quick’ at all, the fact is that it is practically instant and the powerful software that makes this possible is getting better and better.