A Guide to Car Insurance Deals

Living in the third millennium certainly has its benefits, advances in technology have largely been responsible for that and we are hopefully more likely to stay healthy, live longer and do so in more comfort than ever before.

It’s also reassuring to know that computers can now handle some of the more complicated stuff that once upon a time was regarded as dull, but here’s the thing, and it’s a very human problem – the more complicated we can make things, and get away with it, the more complicated we inevitably will make things. Did you really have a bad life before electric windows appeared in your car? Have you tried repairing the car yourself lately?

Car insurance has been another one of those areas where technology has had an effect, sometimes for the good sometimes for the worse. One downside of progress is the fact that we are very efficiently putting more cars on the same amount of road and we are consequently crashing them more often. The upside to this is that we at least have a plethora of information that tells us how, when and where we are most likely to do this, and of course which of us is likely to do it more often.

That’s an upside you may ask? Of course, especially when it comes to getting car insurance deals, why after all should you pay a premium rate for somebody else’s negative propensities – it’s not such an upside though if you happen to be the one with all the bad propensities but that’s stats for you!
The truth is that shopping around for car insurance deals has never exactly been a spiritually fulfilling pastime and we can at least thank technology again for coming to our aid.

After all, how would we otherwise have any hope of differentiating good car insurance deals from bad ones?

In the third millennium, when it comes to insuring your car, you are almost as individual as a fingerprint, and online car insurance comparison is literally the only way that you can have any real chance of navigating the minefield of criteria that makes you so.

The software in general use these days is powerful and refined and it is worth remembering that in the old days, your insurance company quote amounted to little more than “what do we charge a bloke of his age to drive that amount of CC in that town”.

Searching for car insurance deals is a lot more sophisticated these days, you need to grasp the concept of ‘parameters’ and then consider what they are. In the case of your insurance cover, consider these as but a few of them.

Type of cover, type of policy, area of residence, age of driver, sex of driver, method of overnight security, occupation of driver, limitations on use, annual mileage covered, make of car, model of car, modifications to car, engine capacity, driving history, driving qualifications, educational qualifications, proposed claims excess, proposed use.

It isn’t even an exhaustive list and it’s being added to almost monthly.

No mention has been made of specialist companies, discount policies, collective cover and a host of other criteria but parameters are definitely the future.