A Guide to BMW Car Insurance

What does the Treaty of Versailles have to do with performance and luxury cars?

Well for one thing, it prevented a German company by the name of Rapp Motorenwerke from building any more aeroplanes; the red baron and his crew had understandably upset one or two people during WW1.

The company quickly reinvented itself as a manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, renamed itself Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) and set about building a licensed version of Britain’s Austin 7.

Almost a century later, BMW owns Austin Motors along with a bunch of other British car manufacturers and is one of the most revered motoring brands in the world and Britain (well Britain doesn’t really do cars anymore.)

BMW however, builds fast, comfortable and reliable ones for the top end of the market and a standing joke when it came to insuring and maintaining one used to be that BMW was an acronym for Break My Wallet.

Nowadays, whatever the maintenance, the cost of BMW car insurance needn’t be as crippling as it once was.

You do however need to be a little bit sensible about how you look at this, because BMW car insurance has traditionally been seen as relatively expensive for quite logical reasons, not least of which is the performance capability of practically every model ever built.

Add to this the fact that BMW tend to specialise in cutting edge technology and innovation and it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that they can be expensive to repair, particularly after an accident.
All of which points to the reality that BMW car insurance is not realistically going to be cheap, that you are pretty much out of the reckoning if you are young and that if you are able to afford a BMW in the first place, then you really ought to have considered the cost of insuring it.

Like many automobile manufacturers, BMW has taken steps to address this issue. BMW car insurance can now be purchased directly from BMW via its new venture, BMW Financial Services, which effectively lumps together all aspects of financing and insuring their own product.

The rule of thumb with BMW car insurance is the same as it is with any other type of insurance – do your research using online car insurance comparison sites, get quotes and shop around.

It pays, because although it stands to reason that BMW will strive to keep costs as low as possible for their own product, you should keep in mind that (particularly in the UK), individual policies are tailored to specific areas and levels of cover and there is no guarantee that BMW’s own product is necessarily going to be the cheapest.

A brief search online will show you that there are countless companies in the market specialising in providing insurance cover for BMW owners.

The policies will have differing limitations on use and restrictions on cover and you can familiarise yourself with what you get for your money quite simply by doing your homework.