Monthly Archives: August 2016

Premiums Often Rise For Claims By Blameless Motorists

Quite a few motorists may think that if they are not at fault for a road traffic accident and make a claim that their car insurance premium will not be affected. Well, unfortunately this is often not the case as … Continue reading

Many Motorists Would Prefer Not To Arrange Car Insurance

Some research has been carried out on behalf of Co-op Insurance in respect of car insurance that has revealed a number of concerning things about some driver’s views on this type of cover. The research of 2,000 motorists in the … Continue reading

Big Rise In Cost Of Insuring Cars In Q2 Of 2016

Many motorists have been faced with a large increase in the cost of obtaining insurance on their cars in recent months. Premiums have also been subject to a rise in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and on top of those things … Continue reading