Monthly Archives: March 2016

Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims Identified By “Black Boxes”

It would appear that it might not be too long before there are half a million motorists with telematics car insurance policies in place here in the UK. One benefit of such a policy is that “black box” insurance, as … Continue reading

Number Of Motorists Caught Speeding Increases

As you are no doubt aware, if you are caught speeding then there are a number of possible outcomes such as you may be able to choose to attend a speed awareness course for which you will have to pay … Continue reading

What Is Motor Excess Protection?

As you are no doubt aware, when you arrange car insurance, the insurer imposes a compulsory excess with the policy and there is often an option to pay a voluntary excess. The compulsory excess may vary for a number of … Continue reading

Why Park Your Car On The Drive Overnight?

There are so many things that impact on how much you will be charged by the insurer for your car insurance. One of these is where you would normally park your car overnight. The reason why insurers charge a different … Continue reading

High Percentage Of Motorists Wouldn’t Notify Insurers About Penalty Points

According to RAC Insurance, there would appear to be a considerable number of motorists that would not bother to tell their car insurance provider that they have received penalty points for committing a driving offence such as for being caught … Continue reading