Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Cost Of Breaking The Speed Limit

Research carried out by MoneySuperMarket and the Institute of Advanced Motorists into the impact on car insurance premiums as a result of getting penalty points for speeding makes for interesting reading. There is no doubt that if more people were … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Forecast To Increase By £30pa In 2016

In recent months, we have seen average car insurance premiums increase which is a worrying thing for motorists. Thank goodness we have seen prices come down at petrol pumps as that may have gone some way towards compensating for the … Continue reading

Research Reveals Many Young Motorists Underestimate Car Insurance Costs

It is well-known that the younger motorist in his or her late teens to mid twenties, especially those that have only just passed their driving test, are faced with paying a higher premium for their car insurance in the first … Continue reading

98 Year Old Quoted £20,000 pa

It is no secret that, in your later years of life, the cost of providing car insurance goes up. This would appear to be borne out by the report that a 98 year old gentleman who lives in the UK … Continue reading

Tax On Premiums Goes Up

Some motorists may not have been aware that their car insurance premiums could have gone up yesterday (1st November 2015). This is due to the increase in Insurance Premium Tax announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the last … Continue reading