Monthly Archives: October 2015

Huge Number Of Uninsured Motorists On Our Roads

You should be aware that it is illegal to drive your car unless it is insured at very least for third party cover. You might be wondering why we are mentioning this fact. Well, there are believed to be a … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Winter Tyres

With the colder weather not far away, it is worth discussing winter tyres and the potential benefits. After all, it is a known fact that there are more road traffic accidents during the winter months due to the slippery conditions … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Continue To Increase

There appears to have been a steady increase seen in car insurance premiums for many motorists in the last twelve months or so. This is borne out by the latest data from who together with Towers Watson produce a … Continue reading

Research Reveals “Fronting” Problem

“Fronting”, in relation to car insurance, is where say a parent states that they are the main driver of a car when in fact one of their children who is named as an additional driver is actually the one that … Continue reading