Monthly Archives: June 2015

What Do The UK’s Worst Drivers Do For A Living?

Research has recently been published by the price comparison website that studied in excess of 6 million quotes provided for car insurance specifically looking at driving convictions people had got in the last 5 years and what the occupations … Continue reading

Drinking and Driving

You will know that the UK has stringent regulations in place with regard to the amount of alcohol that you are permitted to drink and then still be considered legally able to drive your car home. You may find it … Continue reading

Rise In “Black Box” Policies

Many of you will have heard about telematics car insurance that is also known as “black box” insurance. It involves a black box being fitted inside your car that monitors how you drive with this information playing a part in … Continue reading

Why Does Your Premium Rise When You Pass Your Driving Test?

As a learner driver, you have probably spent hundreds of pounds having driving lessons as well as being insured as an additional driver on one of your parent’s car insurance policies to drive their car or, if you are fortunate … Continue reading

AXA Quoting Last Year’s Premium On Renewal

A few days ago, AXA announced that it was now notifying its AXA Direct Brands customers what their car insurance premium was last year at the same time as when they renew their premium for the next 12 months. Renewals … Continue reading